IronFX: Additional account creation method and procedure


At IronFX, you can create an account, but there is not only one account that can be used. Since it is possible to create additional accounts, you can add more and more and operate multiple accounts. I will explain how to create an additional account.

Advantages and disadvantages of adding an account

First of all, what are the advantages and disadvantages of creating multiple accounts? Generally, people want to have multiple accounts for the following reasons:

trading style

The meaning of creating an additional account depends on your trading style. If you only want to do short trades in one account, and only long trades in another account type, there are benefits to creating multiple accounts. Therefore, it makes sense to use accounts for specialized trading styles.

account type

There are eight account types, each of which has a different purpose. If one account is a copy trading account and another is a live account, there is an advantage of creating multiple accounts. Since the characteristics vary considerably depending on the account type, there are benefits to creating and operating multiple accounts.

Risk diversification

Creating additional accounts also helps diversify risk. The advantage of distributing assets across multiple accounts is that if the balance in one account becomes 0, the funds remain in the other accounts and you can continue trading.

complex to manage

There are disadvantages to having multiple accounts. That means it becomes very difficult to manage. If you have multiple accounts, you may lose sight of your original purpose. Not recommended for those who are the lazy type.

How to create an additional account

To create an additional account, you will first need to create an account. If you are interested, please open an account first as we will introduce it in the article below.

Please log in first. Click to create an account on the left screen of the home page.

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The “Trading Account Settings” screen will open. Select additional account details in order from the top.

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Account Type: Select account type

Base Currency: Select base account

Bonus : Select bonus

Leverage: Leverage selection

When you press the “Send” button, you will receive an email from IronFX titled “Additional Live Account Opening Application”. After that, you will receive an email indicating that the registration is complete.

There is no limit to the number of accounts

By the way, there is no upper limit to the number of additional accounts that can be opened. You can make it infinitely. However, please be careful as double-denomination across multiple accounts is prohibited. Automatic trading is also possible.

Register multiple email addresses

IronFX prohibits account opening using multiple email addresses. If you want to have multiple accounts, you can simply add accounts within your account.