FBS: Deposit methods and bonuses Bank transfer, credit card, online wallet


You can deposit with FBS in quite a variety of ways. There are also deposit bonuses that you can receive. In this article, we will explain how to deposit and how to receive the bonus. First, let’s complete the account opening. Please refer to the article below as it is introduced.

Payment method

To make a deposit, first log in and click on the top right corner of the home page.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

The deposit method, deposit reflection time, and minimum deposit amount are specified.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

Deposit methods include:

Deposit feeDeposit reflection timeMinimum deposit amount
USDT(ERC20)network fee15 to 20 minutesNo limit
USDT(TRC20)network fee15 to 20 minutesNo limit
JCB CardFreeImmediately5~50000EUR
BitcoinFree15 to 20 minutes0.01USD~
ETHnetwork fee15 to 20 minutes0.01~99999ETH
Bitcoin Cashnetwork fee15 to 20 minutes0.01~99999BCH
USDC ERC20network fee15 to 20 minutes10USDC~
Perfect Moneyvendor feesImmediately5~999999USD
Litecoinnetwork fee15 to 20 minutes0.1LTC
USDC Solananetwork fee15 to 20 minutes10USDC~

Bitwallet、Sticpay、Perfect Money

For Bitwallet, enter the deposit amount and press the button.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

For Bitwallet, an account is required. Create a new account or log into your existing account to continue making payments.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/


For virtual currency deposits, the wallet address and even the QR code will be displayed. Paste this code to the exchange you are sending the money to and send the money.In the case of virtual currency deposits, there is a transaction involved, so it may take several hours.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

JCB card

Payment can be made using JCB card. Enter the deposit amount and proceed to enter your card information. You can make a deposit by entering your card information.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

100% deposit bonus

FBS offers a 100% deposit bonus. Select a promotion from the home page to claim your deposit bonus. Then you will see a message saying 100% deposit bonus, so you can get it from here.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

Must be received within 30 days

The 100% deposit bonus will expire if not claimed within 30 days. Please note that if you exceed the deadline, you will not be able to receive the bonus.

Receive a bonus on every deposit

You can receive a 100% deposit bonus every time you make a deposit. If you receive multiple 100% deposit bonuses on one account, they will all be added together and all traded.

Excludes professional accounts

Deposit bonuses can only be used on Cent and Standard accounts. Please note that professional accounts are not eligible for bonuses in the first place.

Maximum bonus amount

The 100% deposit bonus is up to $10,000.

Frequently asked questions about deposit methods

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding deposits at FBS.

Can I withdraw money using the same method I used to deposit?

With FBS, you basically have to withdraw using the same method you used to deposit. This is a measure to prevent money laundering. By using the same deposit and withdrawal methods, we prevent criminal activity. As for the profit share, you can choose whatever you like.

Can I withdraw profits from a credit card?

With FBS, you can only withdraw up to the deposit amount. When withdrawing profits, you must do so using a method other than credit card. If you want to consolidate your funds, use a method other than credit card to deposit.

Is there a priority order when withdrawing money?

There is an order of priority when withdrawing money. Credit cards have the highest priority for all withdrawals. Credit card is prioritized for withdrawal route.

How will bonuses be handled?

Bonuses are basically possible to convert into cash.

Can’t use credit card

If you cannot use a credit card, your credit card company may have declined your payment, so please ask your credit card company first. Also, be sure to check whether you have reached your spending limit.