easyMarkets: Prohibitions and penalties Possibility of account suspension


easyMarkets is a famous FX broker that traders from all over the world trade with every day. Traders must abide by the terms of use when actually using the service. Please be aware that if you violate this, you may be subject to some kind of penalty.

Prohibited matter

At easyMarkets, you can’t do anything at all. Therefore, there are some prohibited actions, so please refrain from doing the following.


easyMarkets does not prohibit double denominations. However, arbitrage is prohibited. Arbitrage is considered by easyMarkets to be an act of abusing the trading service, and if discovered, it may result in some kind of penalty or account freezing.

Trades that put a load on the server

Trading that places a load on the server is prohibited. There are many traders trading on the same server. For example, if you make a huge number of trades in a very short period of time, it will inevitably put a heavy load on the server. This is prohibited.

Takeover of another user’s account

It is a crime to take over another user’s account and steal their funds. Therefore, users who commit such acts will definitely have their accounts frozen. Today’s FX brokers have strong security measures, but incidents like this often occur.

Holding multiple accounts

You cannot hold multiple easyMarkets accounts at the same time. No more than one account can be opened per person. Additional accounts cannot be opened.

copy trade

easyMarkets does not allow copy trading. Copy trading is a method that imitates the entry and exit procedures of experienced traders. easyMarkets only allows automatic trading or discretionary trading on your own.

Both buildings are OK

easyMarkets does not prohibit double denominations. The ability to trade in both positions allows traders to have a wider range of trading strategies. Bilateral trading refers to holding a “buy position” and “sell position” for the same currency pair at the same time. By holding them at the same time, no matter which direction the price moves, it will be plus or minus zero. Generally speaking, you should cut your losses quickly and hold the other profitable one for a long time.

Scalping is also OK

easyMarkets also allows scalping. Scalping is a trade in which the time from entry to exit is only a few seconds, and traders concentrate on the short term and fight to make profits. There are many FX brokers that prohibit scalping, but easyMarkets allows it, so it’s okay to do it openly.

Automatic trading is OK

Automated trading is allowed. Automated trading, as the name suggests, does not require a human to enter the trade, and the trade is left to the AI. However, since there is no thinking involved in automatic trading, there are many people who lose a lot of money and lose all their money, so I cannot recommend it.

Violation cases and solutions

If you violate the above prohibitions, your account may be frozen. If your account is frozen, you will not be able to deposit or withdraw money. There is nothing more the user can do in this case. Instead, you will need to negotiate with the support center. Whether it can be canceled depends on negotiation. If you cannot cancel, you will not be able to withdraw from your existing account, so give up and use another broker.