easyMarkets: Deposit methods and deposit bonuses


easyMarkets has a large number of users and supports many deposit methods. It can be said to be a very convenient broker as it mainly supports three types of deposit methods: credit card, bank transfer, and even online wallet.

easyMarkets deposit methods

easyMarkets deposit methods include: There are no deposit fees no matter which institution you use, but please note that each service provider may charge a fee.

Payment methodMinimum deposit amountCompatible countriesDeposit reflection timecommission
Credit Card(VISA/MasterCard)25$ALLImmediatelyFree
銀行送金25$ALLWithin 24 hours (business hours only)Free
仮想通貨25$ALLAbout 3 hoursFree
NETELLER25$South America, Africa,
China, North Korea,
Outside Central Asia
Skrill25$South America, Africa,
north korea,
Outside Central Asia
Web Money25$ALLImmediatelyFree
Perfect Money25$ALLImmediatelyFree

Please log in first. After logging in to My Page, proceed to “Deposit” in the upper right corner. From there, you will be able to select your payment method.

Source : https://www.easymarkets.com/

credit card/debit card

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and even debit cards, as well as American Express. Please note that unfortunately JCB credit cards are not supported. By the way, the maximum deposit amount is unlimited. The supported currencies are JPY, USD, and EUR.

bank transfer

If you select bank transfer, the account designated by easyMarkets will be displayed, and the money will be transferred to that account. The disadvantage is that you will be charged a remittance fee by your financial institution. Also, when making a remittance, the name of the holder and the registered holder of easyMarkets must match. Please also include your easyMarkets account number and registered name before remittance. Without this, linking will not be possible.

Virtual currency deposit

Cryptocurrency deposits can be made in USDT (TRC), USDT (ERC), USDC (Solana), BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC. The wallet address will be displayed as a QR code or character string, and the same amount will be remitted to the specified wallet address. Please note that it will take about 3 hours for the changes to be reflected. Also, when sending money from the sender to easyMarkets, please be sure to enter the correct address. If you make a mistake, you may lose your entire deposit.

online wallet

Please note that some online wallets may be compatible with only a limited number of countries. Basically, all changes are free of charge and are reflected immediately. Also, bitwallet, Perfect Money, fasapay, etc. require you to register for a service account. In addition, the registrant’s name and easyMarkets registered name and email address must match. Currencies are JPY, USD, and EUR. By the way, the maximum deposit amount is unlimited.

deposit bonus

easyMarkets offers a deposit bonus. There are two main ones:

50% bonus on first deposit

As the name suggests, the 50% first deposit bonus only applies to the first deposit after opening an account. You will receive up to 50% deposit bonus on your first deposit. Please note that the deposit bonus of up to 50% is only applicable to the first deposit. It will not be applied from the second time onwards. However, there is a limit, and you can only receive up to 230,000 yen in Japanese yen.

20% bonus on next deposit

The 20% bonus on your next deposit is a bonus that those who have received the first bonus will receive when they make their second or subsequent deposit. From the second time onwards, there will be a 20% bonus. However, please note that there is an upper limit and you can only receive up to 230,000 yen in Japanese yen.

How to receive deposit bonus

To receive your deposit bonus, please log in first. After logging in to My Page, proceed to “Deposit” in the upper right corner. Select the trading account you want to deposit and the amount you want to deposit. Once the deposit is complete, the bonus will be reflected in your account. In other words, the system is such that it will be reflected as soon as the deposit is made.


Below are some frequently asked questions.

Minimum deposit amount is 25USD

Please note that no matter which medium you use, the minimum deposit amount is set at 25 USD, and any deposits below this amount will be rejected. Also, the maximum deposit amount is unlimited.

For credit cards

In the case of a credit card, the card company may have refused the transaction. If you are unable to make a deposit, please contact your credit card company. Otherwise, you may have reached your credit limit, so please investigate.

In the case of virtual currency

Please note that when making virtual currency deposits, the supported currencies are limited.
Only USDT (TRC), USDT (ERC), USDC (Solana), BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC are accepted. Also, if you enter the wrong remittance address, the remittance will always fail. Also, in the case of virtual currency deposits, it may take some time as it depends on the virtual currency transaction.

Name holders must be the same

There are various ways to deposit, such as bank transfer or online wallet, but the name must be the same as the one registered with easyMarkets. The same goes for the registered email address, but please be careful as if there is a discrepancy, the deposit will be refused.