FBS: Withdrawal methods and possibility of withdrawal refusal

With FBS, if you trade and make a profit, you will have to withdraw the money. There are many withdrawal methods, but there were also reviews from some users suggesting that withdrawals may be refused. Is there a possibility that the withdrawal will be refused?

FBS: Deposit methods and bonuses Bank transfer, credit card, online wallet

You can deposit with FBS in quite a variety of ways. There are also deposit bonuses that you can receive. In this article, we will explain how to deposit and how to receive the bonus. First, let's complete the account opening. Please refer to the article below as it is introduced.

FBS: Features, Reputation and Reviews

FBS is one of the most popular FX brokers around the world. The important point to note is that the maximum leverage is 3000x. Although there are leverage restrictions, this broker is the only one that allows such high leverage trades. It also uses a zero cut system, so you can feel very safe.